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Kazi Nazrul Islam Airport Durgapur is conveniently connected to Durgapur city. There are dedicated transport options available to our travellers to reach the airport and reach their desired destinations in the city. These options are convenient and easily accessible.

Airport Taxi Service:

KNI AIrport taxi prepaid service can be easily contacted at Comfort Rides Taxi & Singh Travels taxi counter. Their passenger database collection enables a quicker response time for subsequent hire. Taxi service providers have reliable drivers, who ensure not just a safe journey, but are responsible for their baggage as well.

Taxi Services are equipped with following features :

  • Air conditioned luxury cabs.
  • Round-the-clock availability
  • Backed by GPS technology to track location.
  • Provides pick-up and drop reservation.

Within Durgapur:

Apart from these, one can find the typical yellow taxis across the city. Taxis are quick, easy and quite hassle free in Durgapur. Depending on your requirement, you can mention the destination and the taxis operate with meters that have a standard charge.

Railway Transportation

Durgapur is well connected with the Eastern parts of India by train and the huge network carries a whole lot of people everyday. With 63,000 km of rail routes and 6,800 stations, the railway network in India is the third biggest in the world after Russia and China, and the biggest in the world in terms of passenger kilometres. Indian Railways are also the world's biggest employer, with over 1.5 million staff.

Durgapur is connected to Kolkata,Asansol,Andal,Dhanbad cities directly and one can book tickets online and make plans for visits to nearby places.