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Nationwide Air Services
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Nationwide Air Services
Nationwide Air Services
Flight Information
Flight No# Origin Days of Operation Arrival (IST)
SpicejetSG-971 Bangalore (BLR) Mon,Tue,Fri 07:45 Hours
SpicejetSG-506 Delhi (DEL) Daily 09:10 Hours
SpicejetSG-793 Chennai (MAA) Mon,Wed,Fri 15:35 Hours
SpicejetSG-951 Mumbai (BOM) Mon,Wed,Fri 18.25 Hours
Flight No# Origin From Days of Operation Departure (IST)
SpicejetSG-881 Durgapur (RDP) Mon,Tue,Fri 08:25 Hours
SpicejetSG-507 Durgapur (RDP) Daily 09:40 Hours
SpicejetSG-794 Durgapur (RDP) Mon,Wed,Fri 16:05 Hours
SpicejetSG-952 Durgapur (RDP) Mon,Wed,Fri 18:55 Hours
Flight No# From To Days of Operation Departure (IST) Arrival (IST)
SpicejetSG-971 Bangalore (BLR) Durgapur (RDP) Mon,Tue,Fri 05:35 Hours 07:45 Hours
SpicejetSG-881 Durgapur (RDP) Bangalore (BLR) Mon,Tue,Fri 08:25 Hours 11:00 Hours
SpicejetSG-506 Delhi (DEL) Durgapur (RDP) Daily 07:00 Hours 09:10 Hours
SpicejetSG-507 Durgapur (RDP) Delhi (DEL) Daily 09:40 Hours 11:55 Hours
SpicejetSG-793 Chennai (MAA) Durgapur (RDP) Mon, Wed, Fri 13:05Hours 15:35 Hours
SpicejetSG-794 Durgapur (RDP) Chennai (MAA) Mon, Wed, Fri 16:05 Hours 18:30 Hours
SpicejetSG-951 Mumbai (BOM) Durgapur (RDP) Mon, Wed, Fri 15:40 Hours 18:25 Hours
SpicejetSG-952 Durgapur (RDP) Mumbai (BOM) Mon, Wed, Fri 18:55 Hours 21:40 Hours