Bus Schedule

Bus services from City centre to KNI airport main departure building

SBSTC bus schedule to project main gate at NH

All SBSTC buses stop at the project main gate bus stand ( coming from Asansol ) and stop at the opposite of the project main gate on NH ( coming from Durgapur )

SBSTC Schedule from Kolkata to Asansol via Durgapur & Andal

From Kolkata to Asansol

Sl. Bus Type Kolkata City Center KNI-ANDAL Asansol
1 Non-AC 5.00 am 8.45 am 09:00 am 10.00 am
2Non-AC5.30 am9.15 am09:30 am10.30 am
3Non-AC6.00 am9.45 am10:00 am11.00 am
4Non-AC6.15 am10.15 am10:30 am11.30 am
5Non-AC6.45 am10.45 am11:00 am12.00 pm
6Non-AC7.00 am11.00 am11:15 am12.15 pm
7AC Volvo7.05 am11.15 am11:30 am12.30 pm
8Non-AC7.45 am11.30 am11:45 am12.45 pm
9AC Volvo7.50 am11.45 am12:00 pm1.00 pm
10Non-AC8.15 am12.00 pm12:15 pm1.15 pm
11Non-AC8.45 am12.30 pm12:45 pm1.45 pm
12Non-AC9.45 am1.20 pm1:35 pm2.35 pm
13Non-AC10.30 am2.15 pm2:30 pm3.30 pm
14Non-AC11.00 am2.45 pm3:00 pm4.00 pm
15Non-AC11.40 am3.30 pm03:45 pm4.45 pm
16Non-AC12.30 pm4.15 pm04:30 pm 5.30 pm
17Non-AC1.15 pm5.00 pm5:15 pm6.15 pm
18Non-AC1.45 pm5.45 pm6:00 pm7.00 pm
19Non-AC2.15 pm6.00 pm6:15 pm7.15 pm
20Non-AC3.00 pm6.45 pm7:00 pm8.00 pm
21Non-AC3.45 pm7.30 pm7:45 pm8.45 pm
22Non-AC4.30 pm8.15 pm8:30 pm9.30 pm
23Non-AC4.45 pm8.30 pm08:45 pm9.45 pm
24Non-AC5.00 pm8.45 pm9:00 pm10.00 pm
25Non-AC5.30 pm9.45 pm10:00 pm11.00 pm

From Salt lake to Asansol

Sl. Bus Type Karunamoyee City Center KNI-ANDAL Asansol
1Non-AC5:15 am9:00 am9:15 am10:15 am
2Non-AC6:00 am9:45 am10:00 am11:00 am
3Non-AC6:15 am10:00 am10:15 am11:15 am
4Non-AC6:25 am10:15 am10:30 am11:30 am
5Non-AC7:00 am10:45 am11:00 am12.00 pm
6Non-AC8:00 am11:45 am12:00 pm1:00 pm
7Non-AC8:30 am12:15 pm12:30 pm1:30 pm
8Non-AC9:00 am12:45 pm01:00 pm2:00 pm
9Non-AC1:30 pm5:15 pm5:30 pm6.30 pm
10Non-AC2:00 pm5:45 pm6:00 pm7:00 pm
11AC Volvo2:15 pm6:00 pm6:15 pm7:15 pm
12Non-AC2:15 pm6:45 pm7:00 pm8:00 pm
13Non-AC3:30 pm7:15 pm7:30 pm8:30 pm

SBSTC Schedule from Asansol to Kolkata via Andal & Durgapur

From Asnasol to Durgapur CC ( Kolkata )

Sl. Bus Type Asansol KNI-ANDAL City Center
1Non-AC5:35 am6:35 am6:50 am
2Non-AC6:20 am7:00 am7:15 am
3Non-AC7:30 am8:30 am8:45 am
4Non-AC8:05 am9:05 am9:20 am
5Non-AC8:40 am9:40 am9:55 am
6Non-AC8:50 am9:50 am10:05 am
7Non-AC9:20 am10:20am10:35 am
8Non-AC9:50 am10:50 am11:05 am
9Non-AC10:30 am11:30 am11:45 am
10Non-AC11:10 am12:10 pm12:25 pm
11Non-AC12:15 pm1:15 pm1:30 pm
12Non-AC12.35 pm01:35 pm1:50 pm
13Non-AC1:35 pm2:35 pm2.50 pm
14Non-AC1:45 pm2:45 pm3:00 pm
15Non-AC2:05 pm3:05 pm3:20 pm
16AC Volvo2:20 pm3:20 pm3:35 pm
17Non-AC2:35 pm3:35 pm3:50 pm
18Non-AC3:05 pm4:05 pm4:20 pm
19Non-AC3:35 pm4:30 pm4:45 pm
20Non-AC4:00 pm5:00 pm5:15 pm
21Non-AC4:30 pm5:30 pm5:45 pm

From Asansol to Durgapur CC ( Salt Lake )

Sl. Bus Type Asansol KNI-ANDAL City Center
1Non-AC6:00 am7:00 am7:15 am
2AC Volvo6:45 am7:45 am8:00 am
3Non-AC7:00 am8:00 am8:15 am
4Non-AC7:35 am8:35 am8:50 am
5Non-AC8:35 am9:35 am9:50 am
6Non-AC9:30 am10:30 am10:45 am
7Non-AC11:35 am12:35 pm12:50 pm
8Non-AC12:20 pm1:20 pm1:35 pm
9Non-AC1:55 pm2:55 pm3:10 pm
10Non-AC2:20 pm3:20 pm3:35 pm
11Non-AC3:10 pm4:10 pm4:25 pm
12Non-AC4:10 pm5:10 pm5:25 pm
13Non-AC4:40 pm5:40 pm5:55 pm

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